Cargo Services

Air Freight

We specialize in export / import consolidation of commercial/personal cargo/project cargos. You can avail of our services at affordable prices as we offer the best rates internationally. Combined with the road transport service that we have access to, we can offer you hassle free delivery anywhere in the world. Although the service is global in outlook, the staff on the ground deeply understands the local realities which help us in giving you the best possible service.

Ranging from industrial goods and automobile components to personal belongings and valuable electronic equipment, we specialize in handling air freight forwarding services in the most professed, dependable and prompt way.

Ocean Freight

we provide comprehensive services at almost all seaport locations. As per the requirement of the customer we offer Full container load service and Less-than-container load service with ease and global reach. We have an excellent network with several ocean carriers throughout the world. Our experienced professionals also provide customized solutions as per the client’s requirement thus avoiding unnecessary delays.

Custom Handling

We offer a range of services through our custom clearance division, in order to help the customers for import and export customs clearances. Our main services in custom clearance include advice to the customers in preparing documents related to import and export, lessoning and follow up with government organizations and the payments. We try to provide the best to the clients with reference to Custom Notifications and exemptions. Thus our professionals transfer and receive shipments, scrutinize the goods and lastly handle the cargo at airport, ICD's to the client’s warehouse.

Specialized Cargo Handling

Safe handling of goods classed as ‘dangerous’ is another service offered by Opus Worldwide.

The following are some common items classified as dangerous goods. Such items must always be uplifted as cargo and not as baggage or in postal mail:

  • Fireworks: Signal flares, Sparklers or other explosives.
  • Flammable Liquid or Solids: Fuel, Paints, Lighter refills, Matches.
  • Household items: Drain cleaners and solvents.
  • Pressure containers: Spray cans, Butane fuel, Scuba tanks, propane tanks, Carbon Dioxide cartridges, and self-inflating rafts.
  • Weapons: Firearms, Ammunition, Gunpowder, Mace, Tear gas or Pepper spray
  • Other hazardous materials: Dry ice, Gasoline-powered tools, Wet-cell Batteries, Camping equipment with fuel, radioactive materials, Poisons, Infectious Substances.

This list is not exhaustive. There are many other items that can be classified as Dangerous Goods when transported by air.

Handling of any kind of over dimensional cargo by sea/ air is also taken care of. We have handled erections/ dismantling of projects/sites and stuffing/ loading/ freight forwarding anywhere in the world.

Our Services Includes:

Project Logistics Feasibility, Planning, scheduling, execution & final reconciliation
Route & bridge surveys and load testing
General Cargo & Heavy Lift
Customs clearance & documentation
Crane Hiring
Site Handling, Erection & Shut down operations management
Project cargo consolidation & line-item verification
3rd party Marine / cargo surveys
Supervision of port operations for heavy lifts and over-dimensional cargo
Hazardous cargo management