Opus Worldwide Data Center Migration team is committed to provide excellent quality services in Migrating company Data Center. As we are providing consistent quality service throughout its worldwide network, the group will continues to keep the ‘Opus’ moving ahead. Now Opus worldwide is providing fully insured Data Center Migration Solutions with Full technical Support.

Data center migration plans are high on the list of key projects for many CIOs these days. Migrating company DC from one location to another, or from one platform to another, represents a lot of risk for an organization. Still, many companies undergo the arduous process with the expectation that it will result in significant efficiency and business agility.

There are numerous reasons why companies undergo a data center migration. For many businesses, it is part of an IT cost reduction initiative. Data centers, particularly older ones with a 1:1 ratio of applications to servers, are very expensive to operate and maintain. Companies may have obsolete legacy hardware or software platforms that are no longer supported by vendors, leaving them little choice but to migrate to a modern infrastructure. Companies that have gone through mergers or acquisitions may be looking to consolidate multiple data centers into one or just a few in order to eliminate redundancy and to attain the cost efficiencies expected by combining companies.

Another huge driver for data center migrations is to increase business agility by utilizing cloud and virtualization technologies and services that can be quickly provisioned and adapted to rapidly changing business needs. Many companies today are taking their applications out of a traditional on-premise data center and moving them to the cloud—whether it be a public, a private or even a hybrid cloud.

Regardless of the reason a company has, or the destination platform it chooses, data center migration and consolidation projects can offer the opportunity to meet many business needs, including improving the organization's security and compliance posture.