Technical Support for DC Migration

Comparing to other in industries one of our main specialty is we have well trained and qualified engineers in our team to give support for mounting/ unmounting/ cabling/ connectivity testing/ Migration Inventory Management/ documentation etc. Here we are offering our clients to complete Migration Projects management support for their migration related requirements

Opus Migration Team always Executing DC Migration in their well maintained procedures and tools

Project Management Plans.

Labeling of network & patch cables.

Unplugging of network & patch cables from switches & servers

Unmounting of Servers & Network devices from the Rack

Packing of Servers & network devices in a brand new carton boxes

Packing of server rack using quality packing materials

Loading / Inventory making / Supervision


Unloading / Inventory verification / Supervision

Unpacking of Server & network devices from the carton boxes

Rack Alignment supervision

Mounting of Servers & Network devices as per the inventory list

Cabling of network & patch cables